Diversity and Inclusion

At ASC we believe that a diverse and inclusive workforce leads to a productive, innovative, high performing and happy workforce.

ASC’s diversity and inclusion vision

ASC has launched the “All Aboard” initiative to foster a culture of inclusion and achieve greater diversity, in order to improve our ability to achieve our business goals. This will support ASC in our goal to be a leading, innovative, dynamic and resilient organisation, which lives by its values, prides itself on quality, strives for continuous improvement and excels at building and maintaining Australia’s best frontline naval capabilities.

Our vision is for a workforce where diversity is embraced at all levels, through a welcoming, supportive and inclusive culture, where all employees are empowered to reach their full potential and feel valued for who they are no matter their differences.

The future ASC will have:

  • A workforce that reflects the broad diversity, beyond gender, of the Australian community at all levels of the organisation.
  • An inclusive, welcoming and supportive culture, which is progressive and open, and where all people feel heard and respected because diversity of thought, identity and experience enriches ASC.
  • A fair and equitable workplace, which actively strives to understand and manage potential biases within its culture, systems and processes, and where people feel they can be themselves at work.
  • A workplace which assesses employees’ skills, performance, contributions and value based on the quality of their output, rather than only time spent at work, and which supports employees to improve their work-life balance.
  • A shared vision for ASC’s future, where information is shared and collaboration between people from different departments, sites, levels and diverse backgrounds is common place, and where employees’ respect and understand others’ roles and contributions to ASC.
  • Leaders who are visibly committed to diversity, and leading and sustaining an inclusive workplace as positive role-models, and where all managers seek input in decision-making and support their people to achieve their best performance.

Workplace Gender Equality Report

This report is comprised of a workplace profile and questionnaire which is submitted to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency in accordance with the Workplace Gender Equality Act (2012).

The Workplace Gender Equality Report is an important tool for ASC to track our progression and highlight any areas for further development.

You can view the 2015-16 report below.

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