Jai’s Story

Having recently completed his apprenticeship, Jai is following in his father’s boiler-making footsteps and is focused on building a future for himself at ASC. In Jai’s own words:  “I love making stuff. I’ve always been a hands-on person. I like fabricating brackets. I just love putting material together. And when it comes out as a […]

Lina’s Story

A self-confessed problem solver, apprentice Lina manifested working at ASC for months before landing her dream job and finding deeper meaning. In Lina’s own words: “I wanted to be a part of an electrical trade that worked towards a bigger purpose. I didn’t just want to be doing everyday electrical work. You’re doing something that […]

Simon’s Story

Doing meaningful work alongside good people is the reason Simon joined ASC in 2010 and it’s why he’s still part of the team more than a decade later. In Simon’s own words: “Working at ASC is not just a job. It’s about providing capability to the nation. There’s lots of pride in what we do, […]

Nicole’s Story

Having a submarine in the backyard and seeing her engineering designs come to life are Nicole’s favourite things about working at ASC. In Nicole’s own words: “I think the main drawcard for me for ASC is the submarine. It’s such a complex system. I studied aerospace engineering but there are very few systems that are […]

Luke’s Story

Contributing to Australia’s national security, and the crews who serve on submarines, is why working at ASC is more than just a job for Luke. In Luke’s own words: “I get the most satisfaction when we hand the boat back to the customer. You put in a lot of effort, and time, to get these […]

Debbie’s Story

From first female apprentice to first female team lead and now first female systems specialist, Debbie has never looked back in her 18-year career with ASC. In Debbie’s own words: “At first, it was very overwhelming because as a woman you seek other women to talk to. But I was very lucky. The first crew […]

Reece’s Story

Solving complex and complicated engineering problems, and contributing to the bigger picture, is what keeps Reece focused and happy at ASC In Reece’s own words: “The reason I joined ASC was to work with submarines. You don’t really appreciate how big and complex a submarine is until you’re standing right next to it. Even now, […]

Suzy’s Story

After returning to the office in 2023 following the birth of her second child, Suzy recommends ASC to parents looking for a good work-life balance. In Suzy’s own words: “ASC has lots of benefits and I would recommend ASC to anyone, especially working parents, if you’d like to find a good balance between your personal […]