Sponsorship Program

ASC is proud to play an active role in supporting our local community. ASC sponsors a wide range of organisations, charities and community projects annually through our Sponsorship Program.

ASC will only consider applications submitted using the ASC Sponsorship Application Form. ASC will not consider incomplete applications.

ASC receives a large volume of applications for sponsorship. The company will endeavour to reply in writing within a period of four weeks from the submission date of the application.

As a guideline for applicants seeking sponsorship from ASC, please consider the following when applying:

  • The activity/project/event must deliver benefit to the community
  • It must enhance ASC’s image and reputation. It must provide the company with an opportunity to promote key messages, build relationships with stakeholders
  • ASC’s sponsorship commitment is primarily in the following areas:
    • Defence and maritime
    • Community
    • Education
    • Environment

To Apply

For a sponsorship proposal to be considered, organisations seeking sponsorship must complete the ASC Sponsorship Application Form and return it to:
Corporate Communications Department
Sponsorship Request
ASC Pty Ltd
GPO Box 2472
Adelaide SA 5001

Or email to communications@asc.com.au.

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