ASC North

Our high-tech submarine construction and maintenance facilities in Osborne, South Australia, are unrivalled in Australia. The purpose-built site offers easy road and rail access, with the potential for expansion.

The site is a part of Australian Naval Infrastructure's Osborne Naval Shipyard in South Australia; Australia's largest naval shipbuilding hub, incorporating a critical mass of world class warship design and construction skills. 

ASC North key features

Shiplift, Docking and Transfer System Halls

The shiplift at ASC is a Synchrolift articulated platform design. A heavy duty rail-based transfer system connects the ship lift, construction halls and paint building allowing the movement of large sections and complete vessels from one work area to another. The transfer system is fitted with self-contained hydraulic jacking systems to raise or lower the cradles which support the vessel. A swivel head mechanism permits 90-degree rotation, affording a high level of maneuverability when using the transfer system.

Submarine Wharf Facilities

Support services available at the wharf include AC and DC shore supplies, battery-charging equipment, water and air supplies, telephones and communication equipment and alarm services. Fuelling and de-fuelling is also possible while alongside using the connection points on the wharf. Small workshop areas, offices and amenities are located on and near the wharf area for easy access.  

Hardstand Area

The fully sealed, bitumen/concrete hardstand area allows for the docking of vessels and provides ready access and ample space for maintenance activities. The rail transfer system allows for transverse movement of vessels across the hardstand, providing a very flexible work area. Electrical services, sea water supplies, compressed air, communications, fire-fighting and lighting services are available from service modules on the hardstand area.  

Construction and Assembly Halls

Two side-by-side construction halls offers enormous benefits for construction and/or maintenance work, as the work is largely unaffected by weather conditions.  Cranage in each hall includes a traversing overhead beam crane and traversing wall cranes. Each hall has large workshop areas for pipe work, mechanical, electrical, welding and general fabrication work to be conducted. Planning, quality control and supervisory functions are co-located within the workshop areas.

Maintenance Support Tower

Our state of the art submarine Maintenance Support Tower (MST) sits in between the two submarine construction and assembly halls. They allows our workforce easy access to all levels of the submarine. As well as providing access, piping brings services such as power, gas and extraction systems, right to the place of work. The MST includes office facilities and toolshops right next to the submarine so workers don’t need to travel to get what they need to complete the job.


A large, undercover material control warehouse and secure equipment storage area is available adjacent to the construction halls. In addition, material storage areas are provided within the construction halls and at adjacent sites. All deliveries in and out of ASC sites are handled by the warehouse.  

Laboratory Facilities

ASC operates a NATA registered laboratory for performing a range of non-destructive testing and examinations.  

Painting and Blasting

The dedicated painting and blasting facility meets strict EPA pollution control regulations. This building is accessible via the transfer system and can accommodate large sections of vessels.  

Diesel and Generator Test Facility

The Diesel and Generator Test Facility allows the key part of the submarine propulsion and power system to be operated and proven off the boat. This saves time and cost by allowing maintenance to be undertaken outside of the cramped submarine and permitting multiple tasks to be undertaken simultaneously. 

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