ASC South

ASC Shipbuilding operates out of the Australian Naval Infrastructure's shipyard Osborne South.

The site is a part of Australian Naval Infrastructure's Osborne Naval Shipyard in South Australia; Australia’s largest naval shipbuilding hub incorporating a critical mass of world class warship design and construction skills. It is the most advanced and modern shipbuilding facility in Australia.

ASC South key features

Outfit Support Towers

Similar to the Maintenance Support Towers at ASC North, the Outfit Support Towers allow easy access to all levels of a vessel during construction. They run alongside the ship and in addition to providing quick and easy access, they also contain support facilities to the tradespeople which are located adjacent to the work front. The support facilities include tool cribs, workshops, amenities, material stores and supervisor office space. The Outfit Support Towers also provide efficient access to vital services such as industrial power, hotel power, welding gas, water and compressed air.

Construction and Assembly Halls

Prior to blocks being consolidated onto the ship structure, outfitting work is conducted on blocks and equipment in workshops which surround the shipyard. Fabrication work can be completed in all weather conditions with full access to all areas of blocks. Outfitting and fabrication completed in workshops as opposed to on the shipyard or wharf, saves time and reduces cost.

Abrasive Blasting and Painting

Paint and blast facilities allow continual work on components and blocks away from the main ship structure which allows work to continue unimpeded. The blast and paint chambers can accommodate large sections of vessels to be processed at one time.  

Cranes and lift equipment

Equipment allows handling and transportation of blocks and components weighing up to 864 metric tonnes. The Manitowoc 21000 crane is configured to lift 600 metric tonnes and lift ship blocks weighing up to 400 metric tonnes during the ship consolidation process. Two Tadano GR-1450EX cranes can lift 145 tonnes each and have sufficient mast length to reach across the ship’s hull whilst dry docked. The cranes play an important role in supporting the ships during construction, after float-off and while berthed at the CUF wharf. Our experienced rigging teams are on hand to undertake complex engineered lifts in support of shipbuilding operations.

Extensive support facilities

ASC South has a range of support facilities including multiple trade workshops, security offices, maintenance workshops, plate storage areas and module storage areas. There's over 18,000 cubic metres of warehouse storage site wide.

Shipyard Wharf Facilities and Dockside Maintenance

Once a ship is in the water it moves to the wharf to undertake final fit out and set to work of equipment and systems before sea trials. The Shipyard wharf facilities include 50Hz and 60Hz shore power supplies, water, gas and air supplies, telephones and communication equipment and alarm services. The wharf support building contains small workshop areas, tool cribs, offices, canteen, lunchroom and amenities.

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