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Naval Goup Australia, ASC sign Framework Agreement to deepen co-operation for Sovereign Submarine


ASC today signed a Framework Agreement with Naval Group Australia identifying ways they can work together in a closer and more effective manner as participants in Australia's Sovereign Submarine Programs.

The Framework Agreement details the terms and conditions through which Naval Group Australia and ASC will collaborate through separate commercial arrangements for the provision of supplies and services to each other, including:


  • Workforce development – co-ordinate resources and talent pools to plan future activities in support of both Australian Sovereign Submarine Programs
  • OH&S training and services – draw on ASC’s well established safety culture and system to support Naval Group Australia to grow its own safety program in Australia.
  • Supply chain services – draw on each other’s existing supply chain knowledge to further develop the supply chains and opportunities for local industry in the Australian Sovereign Submarine Programs.

Naval Group Australia and ASC will establish joint working groups to manage the Framework Agreement and identify, develop and recommend other collaboration opportunities.

"Naval Group and ASC are natural partners,” said John Davis, Chief Executive Officer, Naval Group Australia. “We share common values and are ideally placed to maximise the synergies between the ongoing Collins Class sustainment program and the design and build of the Attack Class submarines.”

"This innovative collaboration with ASC is a key enabling component of Naval Group’s commitment to design and build 12 Attack class submarines. It will support the development of a sovereign submarine capability, providing economic benefits and supporting industrial development to deliver a multi-generational
submarine enterprise to Australia,” said Mr Davis.

ASC Chief Executive Officer Stuart Whiley said: “It’s an exciting time for ASC and our people to be working with Naval Group for the Attack Class Submarine program and this agreement will provide Collins Class life-extension program access to Naval Group technology. With Naval Group and ASC working together, I’m
confident that both Australian Sovereign Submarine programs will deliver for Australia now and in the

The construction and sustainment of the Collins Class submarines by ASC since the 1980s has delivered beyond-world benchmark submarine availability to the Royal Australian Navy. Naval Group will work with ASC to leverage this experience and the achievements and lessons from the Collins Program, to help
ensure the success of the Future Submarine Program

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