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Dillan engineering a bright future at ASC


ASC Engineer Dillan Wilson grew up on the beaches of Port Lincoln, dreaming of becoming an aerospace engineer.

But it was vehicles that travelled under water, rather than above ground, which drew him later in life to become a graduate engineer for Australia’s dedicated submarine sustainer – Adelaide’s ASC.

Now he’s on the cusp of a leading role in developing the next generation of submarine propulsion in Australia. Dillan has travelled to Melbourne to work for leading Australian diesel engine distributor Penske Power Systems.

“I think aircraft and submarines have a similar level of rigour in how they are put together and maintained – that’s what’s exciting about working for ASC,” said Dillan, aged 23.

ASC is placing its faith in Dillan, sending him to Melbourne to learn as much as he can about the new MTU Series 4000 diesel generator rectifiers (submarine charging units), being considered for installation on the Collins Class boats as part of their life-extensions in coming years, as well as for the Attack Class future submarine program.

Dillan is working with Penske Power Systems in Melbourne for three months. Penske are the Australian distributor of German manufacturer MTU, being a Rolls Royce Power Systems’ brand of engines and power systems.

“It’s exciting to be at Penske Power Systems in Melbourne and to work with their experts. It will extend my knowledge and I will then come back to ASC better prepared for the future,” Dillan said.

Dillan’s work with Penske forms part of the ASC Graduate Engineer program; a two year rotating program of experience throughout ASC’s submarine platform sustainment, maintenance and upgrade responsibilities, in South Australia and Western Australia.

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