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Inaugural Kevin Christie award presented


Australia’s sovereign submarine company ASC today presented the inaugural Kevin Christie award to the 2017 Collins Class Submarine Program electrical apprentice of the year.

Interim CEO Stuart Whiley presented electrician James Robinson with the award on behalf of ASC. James was a fourth year apprentice in 2017 and became a fully-fledged electrician on Monday. His ability to consistently perform at a high level last year makes him a worthy recipient of this award.

Kevin was a highly respected member of the ASC community with over 24 years’ of submarine knowledge and experience. He was the Electrical Production Superintendent for many years which involved coordinating the day to day training of our electrical apprentices. Sadly he passed away suddenly in July 2016.

Mr Whiley said “…the Electrical Production Superintendent was a hard working individual with a determination and drive to match. He acquired a remarkable amount of bespoke Collins Class system knowledge during the build program to become a true system expert in his field. He could always be relied upon to solve the most difficult of problems.”

It was this determination which made Kevin an integral part of the team behind the dramatic increase in submarine availability and the Submarine Enterprise moving beyond international benchmark performance. A performance which recently saw the removal of the Collins Class Submarine Program from the Projects of Concern list.

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