ASC and our suppliers play a vital role in building and maintaining Australia’s frontline naval Defence capabilities.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Public Australian Industry Capability Plan

Supplier Quality Assurance Manual

This manual provides information and guidance to ASC’s suppliers and subcontractors that supply goods and/or services to ASC in order to assist in understanding ASC’s quality/Defence requirements, compliance and expectations.

Objective Quality Evidence (OQE)

ASC’s purchase orders and contract documentation requests OQE which vary dependant on the items and/or services that are being acquired and the project for which they are intended.

Packaging and Labelling Requirements

All suppliers shipping materials to ASC must comply with the requirements for packaging and labelling outlined in in this document.

Freight and Routing Instructions

When shipping materials to ASC there are a set of freight and routing instructions outlined in this document that the supplier must follow.

Industry Capability Network (ICN) 

Set up a Company Profile in the ICN Gateway and search for projects and new business opportunities via ICN Capability and Innovation Portal.

The Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS)

In September 2018 ASC became the first Australian defence organisation to achieve standard certification against global standards with the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS).

Kockums Intellectual Property Supplier Fact Sheet

ASC has prepared a Kockums Intellectual Property Supplier Fact Sheet which is intended to provide you with general guidance in relation to the terms of the Confidentiality Deed Poll (CDP) and to answer commonly asked questions. Please ensure you thoroughly read the terms of the CDP (and obtain legal advice if necessary) so you understand your obligations in relation to the use of Kockums IP under the CDP.

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