Following delivery of the Collins Class submarine fleet in 2003, we were awarded the role of through-life support, including sustainment, maintenance and upgrade.

Through Life Support

As prime contractor for the sustainment of the submarines, ASC manages everything from technological upgrades to design enhancements, short term maintenance, long term maintenance (full cycle dockings), as well as operational support of submarines in service.

We are currently in the fourth Performance Period of our In Service Support Contract (ISSC) for the through life support of the Collins Class submarine fleet. We fulfil this crucial role as part of the Australian Submarine Enterprise, which includes the RAN, the Department of Defence, and other industry representatives.

The ISSC is a performance-based contract and ASC’s ability to be profitable relies on achieving the RAN’s operational needs and targets for submarine availability, while tightly controlling costs.

The contract, which has been renewed several times, makes ASC Australia's pre-eminent centre for submarine construction, sustainment and upgrade.

ASC carries out submarine deep maintenance work (full cycle dockings) at our ASC North shipyard in Osborne, South Australia. Mid and short term maintenance activities are carried out at ASC West, in Henderson, Western Australia, close to the RAN submarine base on Garden Island.   

Supply chain

ASC is the supply chain manager for the Collins Class program, ensuring parts and services from more than 1,500 suppliers within Australia and overseas are provided when they are needed.

ASC manages critical relationships with manufacturers of the most complex equipment on the boats, down to the smallest suppliers of services and materials.

We are proud to have increased Australian industry content (AIC) within the Collins Class supply chain to more than 90%, compared to 70 per cent during the build.

This enhances our nation’s submarine industrial sovereignty and the resilience of the program, while benefiting Australian jobs and economy.

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