Supply Chain

ASC's acquisition process is accomplished through the use of reliable suppliers capable of providing supplies and services of the highest quality in accordance with the required specifications, contractual terms and delivery schedules - at a total cost that provides value for money. We develop, negotiate and administer contracts for supplies and services whilst complying with applicable laws, regulations and statutes.

Registration of Interest

Suppliers interested in participating in programs at ASC are requested to complete our Registration of Interest Form. As ASC seeks to engage with industry on specific work requirements, suppliers with compatible capabilities will be contacted. Work Packages may be released via Industry Capability Network branch’s, applicable to the State or Territory in which the Work Packages are required.

Registration of Interest Form

How to Read your Purchase Order

When ASC places an order with a supplier you will receive a Purchase Order from either ASC or ASC AWD. These documents provide details on how to read and understand these documents.

Packaging and Labelling Requirements

All suppliers shipping materials to ASC must comply with the requirements for packaging and labelling outlined in in this document.

Freight and Routing Instructions

When shipping materials to ASC there are a set of freight and routing instructions outlined in this document that the supplier must follow.

Supplier Quality Assurance Manual

This manual provides information and guidance to ASC’s suppliers and subcontractors that supply goods and/or services to ASC in order to assist in understanding ASC’s quality/Defence requirements, compliance and expectations.

Objective Quality Evidence (OQE)

ASC’s purchase orders and contract documentation requests OQE which vary dependant on the items and/or services that are being acquired and the project for which they are intended.

Product Importation

In accordance with Customs Tariff Act 1995 Schedule 4 Item 42, an importer may be eligible to obtain concessional entry of goods. Contractors that claim such concessions will pass onto ASC any and all cost savings received in obtaining such concession. The latest revision of this document can be found on the Australian Customs Service website: www.customs.gov.au

Public Australian Industry Capability Plan

Supplier Code of Conduct

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